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Parents Membership

As a parent or an adult you can become a member of ScienceProject.com in order to help a child with his/ her project. This option is specially recommended if you have a child with a disability or if you are concerned about the child's activity on the Internet. 

After completing your membership, you can log-in the members section and select any project in order to view the introduction page. At this time if you want to view the project details/project guide, you can click on the "View Details" button. Please note that the number of projects that you can view is limited and your choices are not reversible.

A project guide usually includes the following sections:

  • Background information/Initial observation
  • Question or Purpose
  • Defining Variables
  • Sample Hypothesis
  • Experiment design and Procedures

Although project guides contain all the information that you need to start your project, you may have additional questions.

To submit a question or request further information, you can click on the Ask a new question button while you are in your project guide page. This will allow you to send a message to your project advisor.

It usually takes one to three days for a project advisor to view and respond to your question. (Repeated and irrelevant questions will not be answered.)

You can later visit your project guide page again and click on View Answers to see the answers to your questions.

Project advisors who answer your questions are knowledgeable teachers or other professionals with industry and business experience who introduce and identify the real life applications of each science project. This makes a science project more interesting and educational. 

To become an adult/ parent member, complete and submit the Parents membership application.  

  • Different membership options have different membership terms. You can renew your membership before or after it's expiration date. Membership fees are non-refundable.
  • All project guides listed in this website with an active link are available for immediate access. When you select a project, you can revisit that project as many times as you need during your membership period. You can also print any page for your personal use.
  • Project details usually include experiment design, but will not have experiment results. All students need to perform their own experiments and get their own results. We do not collect or share the results with members.
Membership options for Parents:

Parent Membership
$25 membership fee
for one year

Parent membership allows you to view up to 3 project guides and get additional support on one of them. Parent membership will last one year. Members will have the choice to upgrade their membership at any time in order to view more projects or extend the terms of their membership. 

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