Project support and information for Members

Project Guide

This is a template of support information that project advisors usually use in preparing a project guide for members.  

Selecting A Project:
If you have difficulties on selecting a project that is best for you, we can help!
We help you to select a project based on your age, your interests, your geographical location, your time and budget. Support on selecting a project is available for Active members. Basic members need to select a project from the list of projects on their own level.
Information Gathering:
We help you to find information about your project. A list of resources can be added to the project of your choice in the members section.
Question/ Purpose:
We help you to define a question or purpose for your project? Write a statement that describes what you want to do. Use your observations and questions to write the statement.
Identify Variables:
Identifying variables is one of the requirement for most science fair projects, We help you identify possible dependent and independent variables.
Based on your gathered information, make an educated guess about what types of things affect the system you are working on. Identifying variables is necessary before you can make a hypothesis. Suggested hypothesis is included in the project detail page or your project advisor can help you with that.
Experiment Design:
We suggest an experiment design to test each hypothesis. Make a step-by-step list of what you will do to answer each question. This list is called an experiment procedure. For an experiment to give answers you can trust, it must have a "control." A control is an additional experimental trial or run. It is a separate experiment, done exactly like the others. The only difference is that no experimental variables are changed. A control is a neutral "reference point" for comparison that allows you to see what changing a variable does by comparing it to not changing anything. Dependable controls are sometimes very hard to develop. They can be the hardest part of a project. Without a control you cannot be sure that changing the variable causes your observations. A series of experiments that includes a control is called a "controlled experiment."
Materials and Equipment:
We give you suggestions and information on how you can get material and equipment needed for your project. We may also help you to substitute what is difficult to find with something else that serves the same purpose.
Results of Experiment (Observation):
For most project we have done the experiment ourselves or some other members have reported their results. We can offer you these results so you can compare it with yours.
We can help you in calculations needed to complete a project.
Summery of Results:
Summarize what has happened. This can be in the form of a table of processed numerical data, or graphs. It could also be a written statement of what occurred during experiments. If you need help in this section, your project advisor can help.
Using the trends in your experimental data and your experimental observations, try to answer your original questions. Is your hypothesis correct? Now is the time to pull together what has happened, and assess the experiments you did. If there is any confusion at this part, get help and explanations from your project advisor.