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Physics Projects

Projects for Grades 4-6

EP001 How metals compare in conducting heat.
EP002 How metals compare in density
EP003 Egg Floatation (buoyancy)
EP005 How does the amount of oxygen affect the rate of burning?
EP007 Are some substances more soluble than others
EP008 How do Aeorplanes fly? What is the best wing shape?
EP009 How do waves carry energy
EP010 How do magnets work? How are they made?
EP012 How Light is Affected passing through water e.g. viewing objects under water, formation of rainbows.
EP013 What limits the speed of a car, boat, or a truck?
EP014 Submarine: How to sink? How to float?

Projects for Grades 7-8

IP001 Fire and Burning- what factors affect burning?
IP002 Fuels and their efficiency in producing energy.
IP003 Musical instruments- the scientific principles behind them
IP004 Music Versus Noise- difference
IP005 Pendulums- how can a period of a pendulum be increased?
IP006 Air Pressure- Water Pressure
IP007 How do you establish elevation from sea level
IP008 Gears- compare efficiencies, effect of different lubricants
IP009 Solar Furnace
IP010 Lenses- effects of curvature, materials on light beams
IP011 Can eggs withstand a greater force from one direction than from others?
IP012 How strong are nylon fishing lines?
IP013 How strong are plastic wraps?
IP014 Which homemade airplane design flies best?
IP015 What factors affect the bounce of a dropped ball?
IP016 How do compression and tension make things strong?
IP017 How strong is a toothpick?
IP018 Which type of lawn sprinkler works best?
IP019 Which type\size of light bulb produces the most light?
IP020 How can the strength of light be measured?- the effect on degradable materials
IP021 Which materials can be charged with static electricity?
IP022 Which battery lasts the longest?- How can power be increased?
IP023 What affects light reflection?- refraction and diffraction of light?
IP024 Spectrum and color production- prisms 27.
IP025 How is sound produced? What affects the pitch of sound?- What affects the volume of sound? - How would you measure the velocity of sound?
IP026 Electric Motors- principles and factors effecting their efficiency
IP027 Electric Circuits- factors affecting voltage,amperage, resistance
IP028 Magnets and electromagnets- What affects the strength of an electromagnet?
IP029 Buzzers and bells and alarms.
IP030 Magnet Levitation- Experiment gravity defying effects of magnetism and build a Magnetic Levitating Train
IP031 Radios
IP032 Internal Combustion engines
IP034 Insulation-best materials, thickness
IP035 How is paint affected by temperature changes?- Elasticity of rubber; effect of glue.
IP036 Use of solar energy- design and construct solar cookers, solar panels, etc.
IP037 Designing a strong bridge
IP039 Determine the accuracy of various thermometers
IP040 How much heat is required to raise the temperature of various substances by an equal amount?
IP042 Comparing active & passive solar energy systems in cost and efficiency.
IP043 Designing an energy efficient home
IP044 Can water be magnetized?
IP046 What is light?
IP050 Air Pressure; Can air pressure be used to push, break or bend objects?
IP051 Water Pressure
IP100 Compare copper wires to optical fibers for transmitting sound, image or data.
IP110 How is paint affected by temperature changes?
IP111 How does temperature affect the elasticity of rubber?
IP112 How does temperature affect the strength or adherence of glue?

Projects for Grades 9-12

SP011 The mathematics of snowflakes
SP022 The effect of solar activity on radio propagation
SP033 Observations of magnetic permeability of different materials
SP061 Index of refraction of liquids versus temperature
SP062 Index of refraction of liquids versus amount of additive
SP071 Crystal growth rates versus solution strengths, temperature, etc
SP091 Experimenting with various separation techniques (e.g. electrophoresis)
SP100 Make a universal Reflector
SP421 Impact force of falling object


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