The Human Heart 
(Make a Display and a Working Model)
Did you give your friends valentines and little heart-shaped candies on Valentine's Day? Do you ever cross your heart when making a promise that you really, really mean? Or turn on the radio to hear a guy singing about his broken heart? We see and hear about hearts everywhere. A long time ago, people even thought that their emotions came from their hearts because the heart beats faster when a person is scared or excited. Now we know that emotions come from the brain and that the brain tells the heart what to do. So what's the heart up to, then? How does it keep busy? What does it look like? Well, it isn't like the heart on valentines, that's for sure. It's much more interesting than that. In this project you will investigate the heart! What it does and how it works. GO:
 Material and step by step instructions:
Learn about the heart and make a display to show different sections of a heart and their function. For your experiment make a working model to show how the heart pumps and how the valves in a heart operate.
Details of this project
More details or support on this project is available for the members of If you are not a member, you can find pictures and description about human heart in biology and anatomy books.