The Solar System
Building a model of our solar system is a good way of learning about earth and the other planets in our solar system that revolve around the sun. At a primary level (Grades 1 -4), you build your model, paint and name the planets. At a Elementary level (Grades 4-6), you will also include the distances using small flags or a table attached to your project display. At a Intermediate level, you must try to build a scale model of the solar system.
 Material and step by step instructions
You may purchase a kit for this project from or you may decide to collect the information and obtain the material locally. You can use plastic balls made of hard foam and paint them to represent planets. Depending on the total size of your model, you may connect your planets and the sun using hard wire or you may decide to hang them with thread or wire.
Details of this project
More details of this project is available in the members section of web site. This section also includes a program that calculates the size of planets and distances based on the size of your model sun in order to make a scale model. Materials for this project are available locally in most areas.