How a Tooth Decays
You've probably gone to the dentist before and had to wait in the waiting room with several other people. Well have you ever wondered why all those people are there? This project helps you to understand the process that causes a tooth to decay. You will also learn to protect your teeth and prevent tooth decay.
 Material and instructions:
You collect some information, do a few experiments and make a display for your presentation. It will take one to three weeks to complete this project, but it is worth the time. You will need to write a report about your findings. For your display you may also make a large model of a tooth and paint it to show what areas of a tooth are at risk for a cavity. The experiment requires tooth samples. It is not easy to find human teeth for your experiments. Some students try using animal teeth that is available from a local butcher. Some others use chicken bones or seashells as a substitute for teeth and for faster results.
Details of this project
More details of this project is available in the members section of web site. Since research on this subject has a long history, you may also be able to find good books about it in your local library or find some information on the internet.
A collection of seashells that students may use as display or for research is available at online store. Since seashells are made of natural calcium carbonate, many students use it to test the effect of acids on it or use it as a substitution for bone or tooth for simplified experiments.