Minerals, Origin and Distribution
Gold, diamonds and other valuable stones are not the only minerals in this world. Minerals are the origin for all metals, glasses, most paints and some medicine that we use. Without knowledge of minerals, we could not have silicon and the world of electronics and computers would not grow like today. Without minerals we could not have metals, so we could not make today's cars, trains and airplanes.
 Material and instructions:
Learning about minerals, their origin and distribution is the subject of this research project. As your experiment you can find, collect and identify some minerals available in your area. Please note that this is not an experimental project, so it does not satisfy the requirements of experimental projects such as question, variables and hypothesis. Your display may include the samples you have collected and the information you have gathered.
 Details of this project
Support or more information on this project is available for the members of ScienceProject.com. You may also purchase samples of minerals from MiniScience.com.