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Why We’re Unique?

Since 1998, millions of students, parents, and educators have turned to for help with every step of creating a great science project: in selecting and planning projects, in designing experiments, in preparing and presenting them… and, above all, in learning how a science project is really done. members can choose from nearly 1,000 projects. Every one of them has been carefully checked by professional scientists or engineers, and explained in detail, with step-by-step instructions and photos that take students all the way from the project’s purpose to its conclusion.

We offer projects appropriate for students of all ages, from first grade through high school. Students can choose from projects in every major area of science: biology, chemistry, physics, earth and environmental science, energy, health, weather... even engineering and computer science.

Once they’ve chosen their project, students can turn to advisors for personal, individual assistance whenever they need it. Working together, we won’t just help students succeed in their projects: we’ll help them gain a deeper understanding of science and the scientific method... an understanding they can use every day of their lives.

Great Projects from Real Experts

Projects are important for their educational values and for their positive long-term effects on students. While doing a project, students will learn how to face challenges and how to overcome problems.’s projects are carefully developed, edited, and tested by professional scientists, engineers, or teachers before they’re made available to you.

Our Project Guides contain detailed, thorough instructions for your science projects from the start to the end. They’ll walk you through planning and research, identifying variables, establishing hypotheses, designing experiments, choosing materials and equipment, making calculations, even presenting your results. What’s more, nearly every Guide comes with easy-to-understand photographs that show you what to do, and what your finished project will look like.

Our projects are designed to teach you how science and engineering are done in the real world! Especially in our higher level projects, we rely on the scientific method: careful experimentation, disciplined observation, and drawing trustworthy conclusions from your data.

When we publish a project, we’re not done! We carefully track all the questions students ask us, and we update our projects to reflect the answers. The result: our projects keep improving, and keep getting easier to use.

Personal Help for Members

Most project guides contain all the information you need to start and complete your project; however, that’s not all. As a member, you’re matched with a personal Project Advisor who understands your project. Need more help? Your project advisor can help you. Send a question to your project advisor and ask for advice. Most questions will be answered in less than 48 hours.

Who We Are brings together dozens of working engineers and scientists who are passionately committed to helping students appreciate the value of science and technology.

The community has grown to include teachers, schools, parents, students, and project advisors from around the world: individuals who share our passion for science and technology. They work closely with us to recommend and create new projects, and to improve our library of existing projects.

More About Us is published by Science Project Corporation, a member of New Jersey Industrial Research, Inc., based in Clifton, New Jersey. Founded in 1980, NJIRC is a leading science and technology research company focused on identifying and exploiting cost-effective solutions for technological problems in existing industries, as well as developing new products and technologies. NJIRC has performed research ranging from chemical analysis and waste reduction to quality control.

NJIRC was founded by long-time engineer and research scientist Mohammad Hamzeh in 1990. The company is built on Hamzeh’s conviction that bringing together multiple branches of science makes it possible to generate innovations that could not be created through any single discipline.

In building his company, Hamzeh discovered that many of the professionals he hired lacked a detailed understanding of practical scientific and engineering research. In 1998, he founded to help bring this understanding to young people around the world. In nine years, has grown into one of the Internet’s largest and most respected science education resources.

NJIRC’s extensive research experience gives unique insight into the needs of working industrial scientists, engineers, and researchers: insight that informs and improves each of our projects.

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