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Real Student Successes!

Some members go extra step and tell us about their success. Following are samples of emails we have received:

Let me start by saying, Thank you.   

Both of my children are starting to study science in school and your website has made it both enjoyable and knowledgeable. 

Being a working mother, this website has also helped with time saving efforts.  We spend one evening a week at the library, but for the kids' science project, they now have direction and...   

Thank you.
Kimberly Ryan


Thanks for your prompt reply regarding the changed email address.      

Also, we used your intermediate science project regarding wings and how they affect lift of an airplane as a model for our science project.  

It was a great idea, the kids learned a lot and well, we got 1st place.   

Thanks again, 

thank you for helping me in my science project 

I got a A+++ 

good bye

hi my name is Vanessa I love all of all your science projects !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much! This web site is totally awesome! I do not know what I would do with out it! Tori

Message to a project advisor:

No more questions... I just wanted to thank you for the answers you gave me, they were easy to understand and helped me very much with my Science Fair Project. The Science Fair was today, and I won first place in my division, 8th grade physics, with this project. Your help was very much appreciated. USLACT007

Who are the members?

We always wanted to know what type of people become a member of Knowing the members will help us to fine tune our services and fulfill their needs and expectations.

So who are the members? Smart, talented, honor students? Average students? Or slower students who keeping up for them is a daily challenge? Are they from high-income or low-income families?

We did a research and the answer surprised us!

None of the above categories can be used to identify ScienceProject members!

What we found out is that ScienceProject members are those who care.

Members value any additional information and support and surprisingly becoming a member is not their only investment. They also invest their time to do more research and their money to buy books and other research tools and equipment.

ScienceProject members care about their own future and the future of the world. That is the only common factor among all members. 

Our members are from every class, race, nationality and budget. We are proud of serving such a diverse community of caring youngsters who will be the future managers of the world.

Proud of your project? Show it off!

Members: We’re proud of your work! We’d like to see what you’ve done... and maybe show it off to the world! If you’ve finished a project you’re especially proud of, send it to us. We’ll feature some of the coolest projects we receive on our home page!

It’s easy to send us your project! Just click our site’s E-mail button. Then, include the following information in your message:

  • What project you did
  • Any special changes or modifications you made
  • Interesting challenges you ran into along the way -- and how you solved them
  • Feedback you received from your teachers and fellow students
  • Digital photos, if you have a digital camera

If you’ve done your presentation digitally (with PowerPoint, Word documents, or anything else), by all means provide attachments. Oh, and if you’d like, tell us your grade and member id... but that’s up to you!


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