Design and Make a Model Arm
We use it every day and probably do not even think about how it works. The human arm is a complex structure made up of bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles. But how does it all work? What makes us pick up that cup of coffee or throw that football to an exact area fifty yards away? This project will go deep into the human arm and how it works.

You will be designing your own model arm. You will learn the parts of the arm and their functions.

 Material and step by step instructions:
This is a project that needs time and research. It can take up to a couple of days. The model arm will be made of either wood or a thick paper such as cardboard. A report should be made to complete the project. Some students need to make a mechanical arm with ability to reach a certain distance and pick an object. This project guide also includes a diagram of a simple mechanical arm.
Details of this project:
More details of this project is available in the members section of web site. Since research on this subject has a long history, you might also be able to find good books about it in your local library or find some information on the internet.