Dealing with chemical spills from industry
Harmful and long term effects of pollution are a raising concern that has forced governments to form hundreds of different organizations to study, plan, control or prevent industrial pollutions. Chemical spills are by far the most devastating causes of soil and water pollution in the word and the affects often remain for many centuries. 

When liquid chemicals enter the ground, they are practically out of control. They get to under ground waters and then travel in different directions for many miles. Removing contaminations caused by chemical spills is now a big profitable business for many environmental protection companies around the world.  In this project we will study about dealing with chemical spills and attempt to discover new or existing methods that can be used to cleanup the contaminations caused by a chemical spill. 

 Project description:
In this project you will simulate different spill related contaminations and examine different methods that might be used for cleanup. All experiments can be performed using the material and equipment that can be found at home or can be obtained locally.
 Details of this project
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