Compound Machines
Water Turbine

Water wheels have been used in the past to run other machineries such as mills, textile machines, lathes, presses and forges (automatic hammers). A combination of wheels, axles and belts were used to transfer mechanical forces from the wheel to the machines. Water wheels spin by the force of water. Water wheels can be constructed using different material and in many different sizes (your choice). 

In this project you will make a paper or cardboard model of a water wheel. This is a display project. You will not do any additional experiments with the water wheel that you make. Please note that display projects will not have question, hypothesis, experiment and graph.

Material and instructions:
You cut and paste construction paper or cardboard to make a model of water wheel with a shaft that can transmit the rotational movement for other uses. Please note that a water wheel made of cardboard cannot be tested with water. You may make a water wheel as a simple machine and as a compound machine.
Details of this project:
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