Can electricity create heat?
I was looking at electric heater and wondering how it gets hot? To use the electric heater we usually plug it to the electricity and turn a knob. It gradually starts to get hot. 

Electricity and heat are two different types of energy. Does an electric heater convert electrical energy to heat energy? How does it do that? If electricity produces heat, why are all the electric wires not hot? and how does the air conditioning unit creates cold air? 

 Project description:
In this project you will investigate to find out if electricity can create heat. You will perform  experiments to show the heat producing property of electricity. Identify and get a good understanding of devices that use electricity to produce heat (Hair Dryer, Iron, Electrical Heater, ...)
As a part of your project, make a device to show that heat producing properties of electricity can have many industrial applications. Making a foam cutting tool can be a fun and useful experiment. Following are two samples of Polystyrene foam cut by foam cutting tools.
 Details of this project:
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