Light is an amazing phenomena with properties unique to itself. Many scientists in the past have studied light and have used it as a valuable tool for their research. Even today light is one of the most important research subjects for scientists. 

Some of the sub titles that you can choose to be the main focus of your research about light are as follows:

  • How do different color lights vary in the amount of heat energy that they carry?
  • Compare the intensity of light from different light sources.
  • How does color affect the absorption and reflection of light?
  • How does the intensity of light changes by distance?
  • How does a surface condition affect the light reflection?
  • How does a prism analyze the light?
  • What materials are transparent, translucent or opaque? 
  • Is there such a thing as invisible light? 
  • Which color light is the warmest? 

Material and instructions:
Some experiments of this project may require a prism and a thermometer. Some other experiments may require a light-meter to measure the amount of light. Project guide includes instructions for making a light-meter. Experiments can be designed to be simple and material needed for experiments can simply be purchased locally or ordered via the internet.

Details of this project
Support or more information on any of the sub titles of this project is available for the members of You may also find Science kits or material related to light experiments at