Wheat Elevator
A Compound Machine

Wheat is the number one food grain grown in the United States and the world. Handling and transportation of wheat is one of the important factors that affects the final cost of bread and other wheat products. It is also an important factor in timely storage and distribution of wheat.

First grain elevator was built in Buffalo, NY. in 1842 and is considered one of the most important innovations related to agriculture.

Material and instructions:
In this project you will perform research on the wheat elevator and show how a wheat elevator helps the processing, handling and transportation of wheat. You will make a wooden model of a grain elevator. You may also compare and discuss using a wheat elevator with other traditional methods of wheat transportation. 
Details of this project:
Support or more information on this project is available for the members of ScienceProject.com. The project guide includes instructions for construction a wooden model of a grain elevator.  Adults support is required in cutting and drilling wood pieces.