A Projector
(Factors affecting the design)

Projectors are devices that throw light or images on a distant surfaces for the view of an audience. Depending on the design and purpose, projectors are classified in many different types. 

Some commonly known projectors include overhead projector, movie projector, transparency projector, digital projector, slide projector, and many more. 

Have you ever wondered how a projector is made. Did you know that you can make a simple projector for less than $25 cost of material?

Material and instructions: 

Light is an important subject in physics and thousands of equipment work based on light properties. In this project, you will design and construct a slide projector using inexpensive material that you may have at home or may purchase for about $20. 

You will then use your projector for some experiments so you can understand some of the factors that may affect the design of a projector.

This is a multi level project for students from 5th grade to 12th grade. Adults support, assistance and supervision is required for younger students. 

Details of this project:

More information or support on this project is available for the members of ScienceProject.com. You may also find material needed for this topic at MiniScience.com.