How Electricity is made? (Generator)

Electricity that we use at home is produced by electric generators. Do you know how a generator works? or how it creates electricity?

An electric current is created when a magnet is spun rapidly inside a coil of wire. As you see in the conceptual diagram in the right, a turbine (usually powered by water or wind) spins a magnet inside a coil. This action induces an electric current in the coil that can be used to power a light bulb. 

In this project you will study to find out what happens that a magnet can create electricity. You may also construct an electric generator that will power a light bulb.

After you construct a working electric generator, you may study any additional questions concerning factors affecting the function of an electric generator. Following are two sample questions that can be studied:
  • How does the speed of turning rotor affect the production of electricity?
  • How does the number of wire loops around the stator affect the production of electricity?
Material and instructions:
Materials for this kit may be ordered online or purchased locally. Most Electromotor/ Generator kits have the necessary material and step by step instructions on how to make a generator. Depending on how complete your kit is, you may need to purchase or gather some additional items to complete your project. Knowledge of electricity, electromagnets and electric motors is required prior to doing this project.
Details of this project:
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