A Door Chime
If you have not learned about electricity and electromagnets yet, simply make a mechanical door chime.
It can be mounted above the entrance door to make sound every time the door is opened. Visitors can ring it instead of knocking.
If you know electromagnets, it's time to use your knowledge and make a modern electrical door chime. Mount it anywhere in the room and wire it to a sensor or switch that is activated by opening the door.
Despite the technical aspect of this project, you will get chance to use your artistic talent to make something unusual and special.
Making a nice door chime that works, can be a challenge and a learning opportunity.
Material and instructions
For a mechanical door chime, you may use materials that are available at your home or find something in a local store. For an electrical door chime however, you will need magnet wires and other supplies that may be hard to find in some areas. You may purchase an electromagnet kit for main components and use your creativity as well to build something unique.
Details of this project
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