Membership News is a global family of students from all over the world. Our service began only a few years ago and since then, we have come a long way. Although we have had over 20 years of scientific and industrial experience, helping professionals with their technical problems and difficulties, website is a totally new experience. Since our inception in 1998, we had thousands of visitors every day supporting us with their comments and helping us in our evolutionary path by their constructive questions and suggestions.

In the past few years academic institutions and individual students have shown their support by joining us to strive and become one of the best science websites on line. Our members are crucial in constructing this site by becoming members and offering suggestions for improving our services.

Today most of our members are from United States, Canada and Europe, but in the past few months we have had project advisors and student members from South and Central American countries, and Asia pacific.

Our objective is making the science fun and exciting while showing the students the practical application of science. We need to demonstrate that they are not doing a Science Project for school, but they are doing it for themselves and they should make the best out of it.

Sooner or later you will finish school and your real science project begins. You donít illustrate for grade yet you do it for a business success. You will not make models, but real products.

In the past few years we received thousands if invaluable comments and suggestions from the students, parents, teachers asking for more details in our science projects. We have gathered about 600 applicable projects in our archive and we are working to make them ready for online publishing. Many of these projects need photography and many projects need to be experimented several times for accuracy. We constantly evolve employing expertise of our advisors. 

We wish you all happy holidays and season greetings. Development Group