It's not easy to be a student!

Students have one of the hardest jobs in the world. It is not easy to learn so many different subjects. Even teachers canít do it. That is why we have different teachers for different subjects. If one teacher was able to learn everything, we didnít need to have so many different teachers. Actually those who can learn everything will not become teachers. They will become engineers, scientists and manufacturers. They are the ones who advance the science and technology and produce new products and discover new methods of doing things.

This is a challenge facing all students today. Students try to learn different things from different teachers, from parents, from books, from the Internet or by personal investigation. Itís not easy. Students must be rewarded for taking on such a challenge and not giving up. They must be supported in their goals in any way possible. They must be praised and promoted for their achievements.

Parents and guardians must recognize the efforts and accomplishments of all students.

I admire all students just for being a student and just for trying to learn more.

Your value is equal to what you know.


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