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  2. Be a Project Advisor
  3. Benefits and opportunities
  4. Project Writer responsibilities
  5. Project Advisor responsibilities
  6. On-line management system
  7. Who qualifies?
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  9. How many project guides can I write?
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Doing Science Project is an exciting learning experience. It gives us the opportunity to experience the real life applications of what we learn in science. It also develops research and self learning ability in students. However, without proper information and support, many students will not be able to enjoy this valuable experience and fail to complete their projects.

Students need to know where to start, what to be looking for and how to handle different stages of a science project?.

As a project writer you will open a world of opportunities and possibilities in a project idea and develop a project guide.

Students may wonder what can be a hypothesis for a certain project? You suggest a few possible hypothesis.

Students may wonder how to design an experiment? You suggest a few different experiment designs.

Finally you develop a project guide that is a complete project with additional advice and explanations and tutorials. Since you may offer multiple possibilities for each section of the project, students may randomly select different suggestions or come up with their own idea for some sections of the project. As a result many students may choose the same topic without having the same final report or the same experiment or the same display.

A good project guide is short, organized, easy to understand, fun, exciting and interesting.

Each project writer may volunteer to be a project advisor for his/ her own projects as well.

When a project guide is prepared and published on-line, that's just the beginning. Students may have difficulties understanding it. They may have additional questions or need more information. You become a project advisor in order to help the students with their questions. As a project advisor, you will be a teacher in a virtual classroom. Your students are those members who select one of your published projects as their master project.

Students submit their questions via the web or email. A project advisor will improve and fine tune the project contents while responding to the questions with an informative answer. Eventually the project will be so complete that may rarely rise a new question about itself. However it may stimulate the desire of exploration in students and lead to new questions and create new project ideas.


Be a project Advisor

  We recommend all project writers to be a project advisor as well (for their own projects). This will help them to learn about the questions and problems and update their project guide accordingly.

If you are a project writer who has no time to offer support or for any other reason decide not to be a project advisor, we may assign another project advisor to your projects.


Benefits and opportunities

Being a project writer is a great opportunity for teachers, engineers and all other science oriented professionals to study, research, explore and transfer their knowledge to the next generation. Projects will be published with your name and you will receive acknowledgement and credit for every reference to your projects.

Project writers receive $1.00 for each student member who view their project guide. Project advisors receive $5 for each student member who select their project as his/ her main project. 


Project Writer Responsibilities

As a project writer, you select one or more project titles and develop a project guides for those projects. A project guide helps students through the steps of their projects.

While developing a project guide, you most likely go through all the steps that a student will go and you will face all the problems that a student will face. You may write about such problems and the solutions that you came up with and other possible solutions.

Experiments are often the most interesting and exciting part of a science project. Suggest the best possible experiment design.


Project Advisor Responsibilities

Students may post new questions on-line in the Q&A section of your project or may email it to you. You must check your email daily and respond to the questions. Your response may be posted online or be emailed directly to the student. While you respond to the questions, you may also update the project contents and embed the answers to those questions into the project guide. In this way the same question will not be repeated by other students.

If for any reason you can not answer promptly, send them a brief response and let them know when and how they can expect an answer to their question. Your responsibility for support is limited to the students who select your project as their main project and by the end of that membership period.


Priority Help

Priority help is available for project writers/ advisors while developing a project guide or responding to student's questions. Such help will be provided by administrators or more experienced project writers/ advisors.

On-line management system

On-line management system, help you to track visits to your projects. This system that's part of it is under development now, can help you to learn about the traffic that your projects receive.

The on-line management system will also handle student's questions and emails. Students do not need to know the email address of their project advisor. Instead they will use the automated system to submit their questions. The system will email such questions along with information about the student such as age, grade, etc to the email address that we have in file from the project advisor. Such questions will also be recorded in the Q&A section of each project.


Who qualifies

In order to become a project writer/ advisor, you need to be a registered member with a strong science background and fluent in English and/ or any other language that you choose to write the projects in. You need to be interested in developing science project guides and maintain and update it as an on-line publication.

We do not have any published itemized requirements for becoming a project advisor and the only thing that counts is your ability to research, understand and explain scientific phenomena. If you think that you can do it, you are welcome to apply. We reserve the rights to evaluate you at any time by asking technical questions or reviewing your projects and your correspondence with members. We remove disqualified projects up-on discovery and revoke project advisory privilege of the members who have not met our scientific and ethical standards.



You may be a project writer for one or more projects depending on your membership level. You may also be a project advisor for one or more projects that you develop.  The title, subject and theme of the projects can be varied, however a professional and polite dialect is required.

We maintain all the accounts and credit your account for each students that selects your project for pre-view and for each student that select your project as their main project.

Payments will be made monthly where your credit balance is $100 or more


How many project guides can I write?

The number of projects that you can write depends on your activity and your membership level. Basic project writers can have up to 5 projects, but active project writers can have up to 100 projects. Project writers can choose to be a project advisor for some or all of their own projects 



For Basic project writer/ advisor there is an annual membership fee of $25 plus an annual registration fee of $ 25 (Total fees= $50/school-year).

For Active project writer/ advisor there is an annual membership fee of $125 plus an annual registration fee of $ 25 (Total fees= $150/school-year).


How to apply 

You can apply on-line to be a basic or active project writer. Later, when you create your projects, you can choose to be a project advisor while entering the information about that project.

We are not accepting new project writers / advisors at this time. 
Please try later.

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